Friday, June 18, 2010

Piece of Cake

Our eldest granddaughter, Ashley, creates beautiful cakes for all occasions. She was making a wedding cake for a friend recently in our home. She was a good sport and let me take pictures which I'll share here. She started on a Saturday and finished on Tuesday for the outdoor ceremony which was about an hour away. It really was amazing how many steps a cake takes to completion, including the delivering and finalizing the completed masterpiece. The aroma from the baking and icing was smelled just like a bakery! The family carried each un-assembled cakes to the van and we drove VERY carefully, even during the downpour en route!
I am very proud of her and the intensity and perfection she exhibited from beginning to end. It was worth every painstaking step to present such a beautiful and delicious creation. Making these cakes was certainly not a "piece of cake" but a serious effort and certainly worth it. Way to go Ashley!!

Basketful of ingredients.

Starting the preparations.

Icing the layers.

Cakes galore!

Detailing continues.

Arrived safely and the pressure is on!

Adding the finishing touches.

YAY!!! A beautiful and delicious creation!!

Time to cut the cake!

Open wide!

Congratulations and may your marriage always be a "piece of cake"!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Strawberry Picking May 2010

Recently a group of us headed out to Greta, Va to the do some fun and hot berry picking. It took about an hour but it was worth the heat and squatting down. I was sore for about two days :) I thought about calling those tasty berries "STRAINberries". Kind of wish I had picked more because after they were cleaned and put in baggies they didn't look like they would last very long. After looking at those beautiful berries for most of the day I did the only justifyable thing I could do...I HAD STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE FOR SUPPER!!!
Just a thought: am I bearing "Spiritual Fruit" for the Lord?

The strawberry gang ready to tackle those fields!

37 pounds (Sherry and kids) and 9 pounds (me) later.

Daughter Sherry and Me.

Cleaning and hulling.

All clean.

Packed and ready for the freezer.

The finished product!