Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday, Tyler! Feb. 14, 2010

Our grandson Tyler turned 16 on February 14,2010. You could say he is "sweet 16" being born on a Valentine's Day...and he is:) We had his birthday at our house including the family and some special friends. Tyler has a desire to be a pastor one day and requested a special Greek Bible. We had a fun night playing "Tyler Trivia" which brought back some sweet memories and some good laughs. We feasted on pizza, cake and ice cream. His sister Ashley made a Yankee cake and a strawberry cake. It was a great night celebrating the life of a very special young man. Happy birthday Tyler! We love you and are proud of you!

Baby Tyler...so cute!

Happy Birthday to a true, blue Yankee fan :)

Tyler cookies.

Tyler Trivia!

Tyler's Dad giving his challenge to his son Tyler.

Grandpa Schnarr (Tyler's paternal grandfather) giving his challenge to Tyler.

Babum Brodie (Tyler's maternal grandfather) giving his challenge to Tyler.

A nostalgic gift for Tyler.

Tyler's new Bible.

Tyler's New York Yankee cake made by his sister, Ashley.

Our two 16yr old grandsons, Scottie and Tyler.


  1. Wow...I'm in awe at the love shown to your grandson on his birthday...the time and effort that went into it...all the challenges...the special cakes, (Go Yanks!) cookies, friends and family present.......wow...I sure pray Tyler knows he has a blessed family!!

    Happy Birthday Tyler!

  2. Love the pics! The cake and cookies look great! I still haven't tried making the cookies yet, but it's on my list!