Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scottie's 16th Bithday...July 23, 2009

Our oldest grandson turned "sweet 16" last July. We celebrated with some family and friends with a musical theme. Scottie plays the electrical guitar which he learned by himself on line. He is very gifted in playing it so his family thought the musical theme would be very fitting. Everything looked great and everyone had a wonderful time getting together to honor such a great young man that we all love very much. We thank the Lord for giving each of us, Scottie, who is such a tender hearted young man whom we are all proud of. Thanks Scottie for making our life sweeter by who you are, may the Lord bless your life abundantly above all that you could ever imagine! We love you!!! Happy 16Th Birthday!!!!

Proverbs 17:6 Children's children are the crown of old men;...

Musical notes cupcakes and a guitar birthday cake.

A gathering of family and friends celebrating Scottie's 16Th birthday.

Observing Scottie opening his presents.

Time for the fun stuff like opening presents!

A special book, the Bible for a special young man, Scottie.


Big cousin, Scottie, getting help from little cousin, Douglas.

Ear phones!!

Larry and Scott...Scottie's Grandpa and Father.

Scottie and his birthday cake and cupcakes.

Scottie, Nanny and Grandpa Brodie.

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