Monday, January 18, 2010

Homeschool Christmas Recital

Last month some of the homeschoolers had their Christmas recital. We always look forward to listening to the kids perform. One of our grandsons, who plays the violin and was going to sing a solo, was not up to it physically which was a disappointment to us grandparents :( Maybe next year :)
I am always in awe how these young performers can get up in front of an audience with such poise and grace. Good job kids ( and parents.)

Lauren playing the Penny whistle.

Amber playing the piano.

Sisters Sammie and Becky singing a duet.

Trent on the mandolin with his music teacher accompanying him.

Amber on the banjo with her music teacher accompanying her.

Little Nathan and his cousins, The Wise Family. He was ADORABLE !!!

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  1. I like your pictures! That was the first homeschool recital I'd missed in a long time. I LOVE the last picture-it is so cute!! :)