Sunday, January 31, 2010

Basketball...A Birthday...A Barbershop.

When you have a family of five children (as our daughter and son-in-love do) you tend to have a full day of activities on a Saturday not to mention a birthday, too. That's how it was recently as you'll see in the photos below. Sometimes it seems like a 3 ring circus :) From the early morning game of basketball to the last bite of the birthday concoctions it was a fun filled day. Stay tuned... more birthdays to come.

Trent and Trey playing basketball.

Donn and his birthday boots...a very timely gift for the two major snows we've had.

Donn and his leather of those great deals!

Donn and his homemade by Sherry coconut cream birthday pie.

Trent tying knots with Grandpa Schnarr.

Trey trying out the harmonica.

Trent visits his Mom's kitchen barbershop.


  1. Did you say something about a family with 5 kids??

    Our Saturday's are oftentimes a blur!! Well....everyday, come to think of it!!

  2. I really like the pictures you chose!