Monday, November 2, 2009

Yankee Fever

Our family has been long time faithful New York Yankee fans. Two of our four
Grandsons Tyler and Trent (brothers) have really caught the Yankee bug more so than any of the other grandchildren. Since the Yankees made it to the World Series this year along with the Phillies we invited the boys to come over to enjoy game 4. What a neat game it was, too. The final score was Yankees-7, Phillies-4 so we were praising the Lord for not only getting to watch the game together, feasting on some great snacks but also celebrating a Yankee win. The boys had just come back from playing "The Old Rugged Cross" at the Salvation Army. Tyler plays the guitar and Trent plays the mandolin. It was a full day for the boys but worth staying up late to see "our team" win!

The "Yankee" grandsons have arrived!

Let the party begin!

Trent "Yankee" Schnarr enjoying the game in comfort.

Tyler "Yankee" Schnarr keeping an eye on his Yankees.

Babum "Yankee" Brodie...watching the game. (Notice the grandkids photo on the table wearing Yankee ball caps.)

Trent's plan was to snooze when the Phillies were up and be awake when the Yankees were up...poor little guy's busy day got the best of him.

You go Yankees!!!

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  1. Go Yanks!!

    After going to a baseball game (at the old yankee stadium) I'll never pull for another team!