Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

What a wonderful Thanksgiving day our family had. We had 15 for dinner and everyone brought something to contribute. We arranged the living room to fit 3 tables so we could all sit together. As always there was a variety of foods. I am so thankful for our family whom we love very much. We had a good time laughing at funny stories, the kids played our doors for awhile and we ended the day exhausted but content. Thank you Dear Lord most of all for our family!!! We are so blessed!

Thankful for the table finally set and ready!

Thankful for a bountiful table!

Thankful for lots of coffee!

Thankful for family (view 1)

Thankful for family (view 2)

Thankful for dessert time!

Thankful for guys not afraid to run a vacuum cleaner ( Larry and Donn)

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  1. The pictures turned out very nice! I had such a good time today! Glad you could come over to our house later tonight too!
    Oh and I loved the way you had the table this year!