Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nosey Situations

Last Wednesday started out normal enough until I blew my nose which started bleeding. I've had nose bleeds in my life and a bad one about 9 years ago. This was another bad one. I immediately laid back down which later I found out was not the best thing to do. My husband came up stairs to give me my coffee ( I'm spoiled, I know) and he found me holding tissues on my nose. I'm sure that was the last thing he thought he would find. A normal day turned abnormal rapidly.

Just to give some information on my husband if you don't know him very well... he doesn't do blood. Don't talk about it or show him any. After our son was born (before they let dad's in the delivery room, which was fine with him anyways) a nurse came in just to find a vein by tapping my arm... he had to leave the room. He fainted and tumbled to the floor at the doctor's office when they drew his blood in the past, ( he tried to warn the nurse.) Now the ironic thing is since he is a pastor and has to view some pretty awful hospital scenes for some of our church people...he can do that by God's grace!

After about an hour and no let up on my "situation" our daughter showed up and pretty much took over. She told her Dad he better call the doctor and see if they will take me. Fortunately, they told him to bring me in.

God's grace was really poured out on me as I walked in the waiting room holding a gob of tissue on my nose. (My husband made the statement about taking by picture for our blog, aren't you glad he was kidding?!!) I am very shy and I prefer being in the background but that's impossible sitting among strangers in the waiting room. I can honestly say I received His grace during a humbling scenario.

When I was able to get a room my husband quietly exited knowing I was in good hands with our daughter and medical staff. Praise the Lord the bleeding had stopped and the doctor gave me instructions for future nosebleeds... Spray nose with Afrin and insert cotton ball, sit up with head tilted forward and pinch nose for 15 mins.

I'll leave out the gory details only stating my stomach took a turn for the worse once I got in the car and my poor husband found himself having to cope with another very unfortunate situation. Our daughter was still with us so she and he got us all through it.

We were all so glad to get home, clean up and try and forget how things can change in a moment.

So I don't have to wonder if I have anything to praise the Lord for this Thanksgiving :) I felt loved and cared for by a wonderful husband, daughter and great medical staff.

The diagnosis was probably dry air with our house heat running so my husband purchased a larger humidifier...immediately. So far so good!

Sorry this was such a gross post! :)


  1. Bless your heart!

    Praying all is well.

  2. Hope you're feeling better...and no more nosebleeds. Take care.