Monday, November 23, 2009

My Beloved and Best Friend

"Happy Forty-first Anniversary to my beloved, best friend." I can honestly say that with all sincerity. Just yesterday a lady asked me how Larry and I met. Little did she realize the next day we would be celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary. Well, we were blind dates and had common friends who humanly brought us together. Larry was going off to basic training for the Army National Guard shortly after our meeting so they were having a going away party for him along with a welcome home party for their brother.

One of the first attributes he displayed was sincere friendliness. An attribute that I have witnessed all these years that draws people to him like a magnet. He REALLY wants to KNOW about you!

Well, he left for boot camp and he wrote me many letters. I felt really guilty not writing him very much in the beginning, but that changed and we got to know each other through our letters. He wrote in one of his letters that he was going to marry me when he came home. I figured all military guys said that in letters to the girls back home. I should have taken him at his word because that is exactly what he did!

I fell in love not only with him but his whole family, too. I could sense the love they had for each other the minute I stepped in their home and they extended to me that love wholeheartedly.

Honestly we didn't do everything right. But we believed we had everything you would want. Love, a son and daughter, a good paying job, our dream house, excellent health, etc.

Then one day, about 10 years into our marriage, Larry came home from work and he was different, spiritually. A man had witnessed to him about God's forgiveness of sin through His Son Jesus Christ and all he had to do was repent of his sin and receive Jesus as his personal LORD and Saviour. Larry did that and was changed. He tried to tell me the best he could what had happened. Needless to say I realized I didn't have the saving faith he did. I was trusting on the fact I was a "good" person. I really wanted to know what a "Born Again" Christian was. The LORD was so gracious with me letting me "find" a Gospel tract left on a grocery shelf at the store I often shopped at. The LORD also used a Christian TV show to hear many testimonies from others who had become Christians. Quietly in my home one day I realized I was a sinner and Christ died on the cross for my sins. I agreed with Him that I was a sinner needing His saving grace and asked Him to save me. There were no bells or whistles or bright lights or any thing strange that happened. All I did was believe on His finished work on the Cross and His resurrection for me. He has allowed spiritual fruit to be produced in my life...things I couldn't have done on my own. He gets all the glory and honor and praise.

Now we had what really mattered in our relationship. We are so blessed even though things aren't always "perfect." The difference is The Perfect One is the head of our life and our home.

Forty-one years is a long time and there has been a lot of changes physically to this couple but the one thing that changes not is our Heavenly Father. He has been so good to us. Is He your Heavenly Father? Sure hope so :)

Starting our walk...1968

Continuing our walk...2009


  1. Ya'll are so precious. thankyou for the example you are. Your love for the Lord is so evident. oh, by the way, I was 3 when you got married! Love ya!
    Diana ;)