Saturday, November 7, 2009

Camping Adventures Part I

We had a Sunday School camping activity planned well in advance taking a chance on the Fall weather. Well, the weekend we had was not what you would call "Indian Summer." It was more like "Flu and Cold Season, Come And Get Us :) Yes, the car keys were locked in the house just before we were about to leave. Yes, we had rain. Yes, it was very cold. Yes, we tried to get warm by the fire. Yes, we really liked the nice warm cabin the best :) But, we did have good fellowship and good food and made some memories. At the time it was the wettest and coldest weekend we had this Fall. Oh well, we survived and have some good stories to tell. We took lots of pictures so I will have to make several posts to get them all in. Stay tuned because you might read the words, Bear and Alligator, in the upcoming posts! We're pretty adventurous people, ya know!

Ready to go but the car keys are locked in the house...great!

The joys of unpacking the van.

"Quick Draw Larry" discovered the chair back was a little loose.

The Schnarr family coming for a visit.

In side the Brodie cabin.

Amber in the "bottom bunk diner."

Trey in the "top bunk diner."

Tyler and Trent enjoying their dinner in the nice warm cabin.

Gregg and Peggy joining us for dinner.

Ashley enjoying her dinner.


  1. You'll probably remember this camping trip and laugh about it for years to come, but may not have if it had been a sunny week-end where everything went as planned. :-) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more pictures.

  2. Had fun camping with you guys. We need to do it again in better weather!

  3. I LOVE the 3rd picture down!! That is hilarious!:)