Saturday, November 14, 2009

Camping Adventures Part 4

Our last day and night of camping found us having a good time with some dear people, 13 total. Dan had just returned from a week in Florida, alligator hunting. He actually got one that was @60 years old. He had some pretty impressive pictures to show us and he brought some alligator meat to cook up. Most of us ate a piece. I found it to be bland and very tough and chewy and it didn't taste like chicken :) I can now say I ate alligator meat!
The next post of our camping adventure will be the last one so stay tuned.

Dan and Diana arrived on Friday evening.

Bountiful picnic dinner and lots of hot coffee and hot cider.

Tailgate desserts.

Last night around the campfire. Dinner, desserts, s'mores and sweet fellowship.

Pretty leaf!

Sauted Alligator!

Larry's alligator back scratcher souvenir.

Larry and Judy's cabin.

Donn, Sherry, Ashley, Tyler, Amber, Trent and Trey in front of their cabin

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