Sunday, November 8, 2009

Camping Adventures Part 2

We had Gregg Lawrie join us in the afternoon driving up their camper. Peggy came up after work and we all had a good time. We ate dinner in the Schnarr's warm cabin. It was a tight fit but it was fun and relaxing. Our cabin had one futon couch that opened into a bed. It stayed open all the time we were there because the frame was bent and we couldn't get it to go back into the couch position. The cabin was laid out very nicely. One step into the cabin was our "bedroom." Turn directly to the right was the bunk beds. About three steps and to the left was the kitchen table. One step forward and turn to the right was a bathroom sink. Turn to the left and walk a few steps and wha-laa there's the small fridge and a few more steps and your "in" the kitchen (small sink, small stove and above you'll see a microwave.) Hey, this itty bitty cabin was a cinch to keep clean. Oh, I forgot, we did have a small room with a commode and shower. And did I mention the mouse droppings I noticed under the sink? Don't even think about it :) Boy, the fun never stopped!!!

I had to document the temperature even if it was backwards :)

The Lawrie's dog, Penny, was a happy camper inside their nice warm camper.

It's never to cold for kids to ride their bikes!!

Proof you always remember how to ride a bike no matter what your age :)

Cookin' up the grub.

"Come and get it!"

Ahhhhh...the good,(cold) life:)

The became one of our best friends!

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  1. This looks like a nice place...where did you go? Enjoyed the pics!