Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emus and Turkeys and Goats, Oh My!

Recently we visited a special family from our church who have a "mini farm" with some unique animals. Brothers Fred (14) and Dan (12) handle the livestock and take good care of their animals. You'll notice from the pictures I got a few shots of the same animals with either the night or auto setting on my camera. The Emus kept preening themselves so it was difficult to finally get some pictures of them standing straight up. They also have a rooster and some other ducks. They use to have laying hens but recently they ummm...started disappearing. Maybe a fox was the culprit but who knows. They are thinking of getting some chicks in the Spring. It was a great evening for all of us! Thanks guys!!

Fred and Dan.

A pair of their ducks with their baby (who is just about as big as his parents.)

The Turkeys

Finally got a shot of one the Emus when he was not preening.

What looks like a fancy Emu headdress is just the other Emu in the background.

Two Emus

The goat family.

The goat family, again.

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