Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Photo Shoot Day

Every summer for a very long time now we have gotten the grandkids together for their annual photo shoot at Sears. I try to buy matching t-shirts each year. We are starting to run out of color options not to mention trying to find the right sizes for everyone. This year my oldest granddaughter helped pick out coordinating colors. The older they have gotten the easier it is to go through the whole ordeal. I think it is worth it and wonder how long we will be able to do this. So far so good. After the pictures we come back to our house and eat and play. In a future post I will include some of the professional pictures.

Nanny's taking your picture...AGAIN!!!!! Smile pretty :)

Things are heating up in the kitchen.

It takes three to whip up this batch of cookies!

Raw cookie dough...looks good enough to eat now!

Ready for the oven.

Poor Lacey got a "Boo-Boo" :(

Trey and his turtle.

Playing a fun game of Spoons.

Scott strumming on his guitar before the day comes to an end.

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