Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun In The Dusk

Our sweet granddaughter, Amber!

A beautiful sight to behold!

A little time out.

Our sweet daughter, Sherry!

For some reason the camera made the sun star shaped... kind of neat, though!

Tyler, Amber, Trey and Trent :)

Trent is 11 years old and usually sporting a VT ball cap, guess it's not waterproof!

Trey, our youngest grandchild.

Last week our daughter and four of our grandchildren came over for a little R&R at our community pool. Summer swimming is almost over for another year and they will soon close the pool. As we sat and chatted the kids had fun swimming and the sun was setting so I took advantage of some awesome photo opportunities. So as opposed to "Fun in the Sun" I titled this post "Fun in the Dusk."

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