Wednesday, August 5, 2009


1. THE PROPER PLACE: (It’s special because it’s where you and God meet)

It must be Private and free from distractions

It must be Practical and easily accessible

2. THE PROPER PARCHMENT(S): ( Tools for the Task)

It might include but not be limited to: Bible, notebook, pen, prayer list(s),
Bible memory cards, Bible reference books, song book, calendar, blank to do list.

A good study Bible is very helpful along with access to some commentaries will enrich your study time.

3. THE PROPER PREPARATION(S): (Get ready for a wonderful experience)

Get comfortable; get a cup of coffee, tea, water, etc.

Have the proper lighting for your mood

Ask God to meet with you

Promise God you will obey Him

Tell God you love Him and thank Him for what he is going to do, spend this hour with you !

4. THE PROPER PLAN(S): (Have a normal routine such as)

Prayer for wisdom and insights

Reviewing your walk with the Lord from yesterday and recording lessons learned, failures, actions that need to be taken, confessions, etc. in your notebook.

Bible reading as part of a systemic approach such as: read through N.T. in a year, The O.T. & N.T. in a year, A topical study on every verse that deals with Prayer, or Love, or Anger, etc.

Learn to study in an expositional or inductive way such that you are seeking to understand “what God has said” (Interpretation) so that you can accurately apply it to your life.

Writing down the interpretation and applications in your note book

Writing out a key verse then rewriting it but personalize it.

Memorize this verse, write it on a card, carry it with you and make it your meditation of the day.

Conclude with a season of prayer. ( Out Loud )

5. THE PROPER PERSPECTIVE: (Share what I’ve Experienced!)

As you go out into your day look for opportunities to share what you learned, or what you are meditating on, or what you prayed about, or who you prayed for, as often as possible.

This should include, on a regular basis, your spouse and children.

This is an excellent approach with neighbors and those you work with.

I recommend it also include an accountability partner. (male/male, female/female)

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