Thursday, August 20, 2009


It’s hard to believe the summer is gone and it’s time for our children to go back to school. These school years in the life of your children will fly by just like the summer. Let’s make the most of their new school year. Here are some important reminders to all parents regardless of your educational choice for your children.

1. We are blessed to have the freedom of choice in America. The government doesn’t steal our children or mandate a certain institution that our children must attend. We are free to use the government run school system, a private Christian school, private boarding school, or we can train our children ourselves at home. We should maintain a grateful perspective for this freedom. Training our children is a responsibility and a privilege made even more blessed by the choices we have available to us. Be careful to give praise to God for this freedom that many do not enjoy. Ask Him for wisdom to make the right choice for each child. Pray regularly for our nation and ask God to preserve our freedoms. Those freedoms are constantly under attack by the evil one. Don’t take freedom for granted.

2. We must be totally involved in the education process for each child. I am speaking to both sets of parents. No matter if you use schools or train your children at home it is not mom’s sole responsibility. Dads you must direct, inspect, encourage, and participate in the training process. For those of you who send your children to a school outside your home please remember that’s a choice God has extended to you. (Gal.4:2 But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed of the father.) The training remains your responsibility and you must insure the teacher(s) you place over your children are doing the job effectively. God has given you the responsibility to direct, guide, assist, and encourage those teachers who train your children for you. God will hold you responsible for your child’s preparation for life. You can delegate some of the training but you can not give away the responsibility. God gave it to you. Take the responsibility seriously.

3. Continually be building character into your children’s lives. Ask any employer these days and they will tell you it’s hard to find good help. Why? Because of a general break down of character in our society. What use to be a fundamental part of the training most children received is no longer the case. We are suffering as a nation as a result. The adults who grow up without discipline suffer too. We should be developing the character of our children in all these areas: Faithfulness, neatness, promptness, diligence, truthfulness, politeness, excellence, and gratefulness. We should insure our children do their work neat and on time. We should see to it that our children honor their elders that include their teachers. “Yes sir” and “Yes Mam” are good and proper responses when a child is spoken to by an adult. Expecting our children to do their best should be a way of life in our homes. Parents please don’t allow your children to grow up to be “whiners.” This world doesn’t need anymore complainers. Work on their attitudes continually. Of course, that means we have to work on our own to, doesn’t it? The world will thank you in about twenty years and so will your child. It’s an old saying but it still holds true. “Attitude determines altitude.”

4. Pray for your children and the training process. Pray for your children’s teachers be that government run public, private, Sunday school, or pray for yourselves who educate at home. We live in dangerous days. Satan hates our children. Bathing them in prayer along with their teachers is more important than their physical baths! Stay on your knees all year.

So here we go – 1, 2, 3, - a, b, c . . . Reading, writing, and arith, aruthmet, aruthmt, MATH, . . . How do you spell arit_______? 


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