Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here are some simple steps that I find helpful in making the most out of my time alone with the Lord and then allowing the truths I learn be absorpbed into my life.

In Your Time Alone With God . . .

1. Pray . . . Ask God to speak to you in a way you’ll understand
2. Reflect . . . Think back on your walk with the Lord over the last day
3. Preview . . . Look over the scripture passages you have selected to read and get an understanding of the context before you read.
4. Read slowly. . . The scripture letting the Holy Spirit speak as you read. Look for the correct understanding (interpretation) of what God has said “one time for all time.”
5. Observe . . . What you see in the scripture considering the implications of what God has said and journal the observations.
6. Apply . . . Given the implications of what God has said now consider and write down how you’ll apply a truth God has shown you.
7. Index Card . . . write a verse, associated hymn or song, a thought, a quote for your day. Include clear application you want to live out today.
8. Pray . . . Ask God to help you live these truths
9. Share . . . Look for an opportunity to tell someone today what you leaned today and it will bless them and reinforce it in your own life.

I have found that making it a priority to spend an hour a day alone with the Lord using the above as a guideline has been very benefical in my own walk with the Lord. I hope something here will help and encourage you!


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