Thursday, July 9, 2009

De-Cluttering De-Closet

Here I go again...De cluttering the clothes closet,ugh!! Not a fun job to do but what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when it's completed. I've learned that just because it is all neat and tidy now, it won't stay that way. Unless, of course I stay disciplined and make an effort to put things where they belong. It's amazing what you can stuff in a closet and oh the frustration it brings especially when in a hurry to get ready to be some place at a designated time (like church on Sunday morning)!

I've found my mind gets spiritually cluttered when I don't stay disciplined with a proper focus. I focus on all my weaknesses instead of the Lord's strength in my life. My thinking is "Woo is Me" instead of "Great is He". And what does it take to focus on the Lord? Discipline! Discipline to see my Savior and all He has done on my behalf. Every weakness (sin) I experience He has already nailed it to the cross. I discipline myself by focusing on His Word not my words. A very good and uplifting verse for me to focus on is Proverbs 3:6 "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths". When "my ways" turn to mental clutter I can refocus by acknowledging The One who died for each wrong thought and throw it out and put in it's place truth! That is a correct and uplifting focus which makes for a neat and tidy mind, Ahhhhh!

Where do I start? One piece at a time!

A new start!

Neat and Tidy!

"Mission Impossible"

"Mission Accomplished"

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  1. What a great job...your closet looks so nice! Now you've inspired me to clean my closet. Well...maybe...not! :-)