Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacation Bible School

We just finished our VBS program last week which was based on the book, Pilgrim's Progress. We had puppet shows, Bible stories, crafts, snacks, Scripture memory verses and playtime on inflatables. Years ago we scaled back to four days of VBS. The night of the fourth day we have a parent's night. The kids sing the songs they have learned that week and our pastor gives a message with a challenge to receive Jesus Christ as personal LORD and Savior. I come away very tired but also with a satisfaction knowing the truth of the Bible has been presented clearly to each person involved in the whole program. Even as a teacher I couldn't help but be challenged with the Bible stories and the truth contained in those stories. Little ones have had seeds of faith planted in their little hearts through God's Word and in the songs they practiced over and over. Even the crafts were geared to teach a lesson from God's Word. We had 3 Korean boys in our group. While we were eating our snack one day I asked them to say different words in their language. The next day one of them brought their Korean Bible and read the verse we had that day. What a wonderful God we serve who loves all the children of the world both big and small.

One of my highlights is working along side two of my grandchildren. They have such servant's hearts and work well with children. I feel so blessed to have them. Again my Lord reaffirms His love to me in this special way. VBS may be geared to little kids but I have to believe we all come away challenged and blessed.

On the way home we saw some deer and since I had my camera I had to take their pictures, too :)

Little children singing praises to our BIG GOD!!

Our pastor giving a mini message of God's love... the Gospel.

My grandchildren Tyler and Ashley made me look like I had it altogether in our group.

The little guy and the guy next to him singing from the heart are our grandsons :)

"Well, hi there."

We frequently see deer in our neighborhood, this one has antlers.

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