Sunday, May 24, 2009

It’s Important to Remember

Memorial Day was a special day for our family when I was growing up. We lived in a small town and there was always a “Memorial Day Service” at the school near my home. The town’s people would gather there and there would be a ceremony and speakers honoring those who had died in past wars. At the end of the service there would be a parade that would have the American Legion, Fire Trucks, floats, soldiers from National Guard or reserve units, and the school marching band.

At the end of the parade the town children could march in the parade carrying flowers. We would march through town to the cemetery. (The same cemetery where my mother’s body is buried) A good size creek runs along side the cemetery with a bridge. The parade would end at the cemetery and all the people, especially the children, would line up on that bridge for the conclusion. There would be a 21 gun salute from the cemetery and then we would throw our flowers into the creek and watch them float away followed while a lone bugler played taps. We all stood in silence, some would softly cry. When the taps were over people always left quietly and reverently. It made an impact on me as a boy. It caused me to grow up feeling a great debt of gratitude to those who had fought and died for me freedom.

As we celebrate Memorial Day Monday May 25th, we remember the cost of the freedom we enjoy today. We should take time to thank God for our nation and to pray for our leaders but especially our service men and woman. If you know someone’s family where a loved one paid the ultimate price for our country it would be very fitting for you to contact them and thank them letting them know you haven’t forgotten. We need to remember the price that was paid for our physical liberty as well as our spiritual liberty. In Scripture, God often pleads for us to remember Him. He commanded that memorials, such as the stones from the Jordan riverbed, be set up as "…a memorial to the people of Israel forever…so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God" (Joshua 4:7, 23, 24). In a day when the enemy is trying to rewrite our history and cause people to forget our heritage it’s important we take time to remember. In particular I am remembering my dad today, who bravely fought in WW-II and the others of his generation. There are few of them left to encourage and thank. And yet the legacy of sacrificial soldiers and blood spilled for “freedom” has been part of the legacy of every generation including our current military personal. Freedom always has an enemy and will always have to be defended in order to be maintained. Freedom will never be free – it will always be very costly and require the best.

Remembering God’s faithfulness while we remember those special hero’s in our land is an important part of living a life of gratitude. Remembering the godly heritage we have being “one nation under God” is of extreme importance in this day of great deceptions and dilutions of the truth in history. So, let’s be people who stand firm and remember our foundations. (If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3) Don’t let special days like Memorial Day become forgotten in our routine. Celebrate the day with your children and teach them the wonderful truths about the price paid for their liberty. It’s important that we remember!

Pastor Brodie

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