Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dogsitting Days

We volunteered to watch our Kids two Minature Schnauzers while they went on vacation. We live in a townhouse and felt we could accomadate two small dogs. So far we have about 12 hours under our belt. I think the dogs are having a good time so far. They get one on one walks. Sleep when they want. Eat when they want and what they want (had to pull a dried starfish out of Cole's mouth, ugh!) and even sit where they want (see last picture). I'm sure before the family gets back from vacation we will have more pictures and stories...stay tuned!

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Sydney and Cole "on vacation".

King of the sofa!

Queen of the sofa!

Sydney just crossed the line!

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  1. LOL i love the pics.! Thank you for watching them for us!