Friday, May 29, 2009

Dog Sitting Days Part III

Well, we are still dog sitting. Let's see, it's been 9 days since Sydney and Cole came for their "vacation" to our house while their "people" are on vacation. It is only fitting that we post pictures so the kids can keep an eye on their doggies. Not much news to post, a dog's day is kind of boring. Eat, sleep, go outside, eat some more, sleep some more, etc. So here are some more pictures just to let the kids know they are still alive and need some interaction with someone (s) much younger than us oldies :) We will be waiting for you with open paws!!!

We relax.

We chew...

...and chew some more.

We relax some more.

I prefer to relax on clean laundry.

We have amnesia.

Most of all WE MISS YOU!!!

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