Monday, April 20, 2009

Scriptural thoughts recorded in Journal #1 - August - September 1982

Boundless Grace Heb. 4:9-16; 2 Cor. 9:8

No emergencies ever arise in our journey through life that the unlimited resources of God cannot meet. The flow of God’s grace will take us all the way to Heaven. It has been said that Grace is everything for nothing for those who don’t deserve anything.

(Today I would add that Grace cost God everything, His Son who became my sin and bore the wrath of God I deserved – that’s an incalculable expense. Grace came to me who deserved something – hottest hell forever and ever.)

The Gateway To Heaven Rev. 22:1-7; Phil. 1:21

Passing out of the shadow; into eternal day; Why do we call it dying – this sweet going away? The light in the valley is real; death is only a shadow.

(Today at age 60 I have grand parent, parents and many wonderful friends who have passed THROUGH that valley and INTO that eternal day. I have more days on this earth behind me than I do before me, by a long shot; soon I’ll be home. Please make very sure YOU are joining me there one day. And please, please, bring as many as you can with you – don’t leave any behind. Tell everyone THE WAY! - John 14:6)

Mending A Broken Heart Psalm 34:11-19

God wants to bind the broken heart and wipe each tear dry;
He’ll calm and sooth the troubled soul who looks to God on High.

Broken things can become blessed things if you let Christ do the mending.

(Today I would added that if you want your broken heart mended you must give to Christ all the pieces and yield to Him to restore your joy and heal your hurts however He chooses without you attaching any strings. He is the potter, who makes no mistakes, and you are the clay.)

Down, But Not Out 1 Kings 19:1-7

When plunged in darkness and despair,
Our hope is in the Lord;
Not once does He withhold His care
Or fail to keep His Word.
It is better to walk in the dark with God than to go it alone in the light.

(Today I would remind you not to doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light. The darkness and silences doesn’t remove our ever-present God. Just be still and trust – PS. 46:1-3, 10. The fog will lift.)

God’s Enablement Book of Judges; Phil. 4:13

God’s resources are always equal to His requirements.

You may not be a superstar,
Your talents may be few;
But God in His enablement
Will show His power through you.

(Today I am more amazed at His grace that enables than ever before and my amazement just keeps growing - Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,)

“I Shall Return!” John 14:1-6; Acts 1:11; Rev. 22:20; Titus 2:13

Marvelous message we bring,
Glorious carol we sing
Wonderful words of the King:
Jesus is coming again.

What glory it will be when the motto “Perhaps Today” can be changed by dropping the word perhaps!

(Today I will add – Look up for your redemption draws near!)


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