Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rocks of Remembrances

I am going to begin to post blog articles that are taken from my journals. I began journaling my daily walk with the Lord in 1982 and as a result have assembled some 66 Journals to this point. The journals have recorded things that have blessed me, convicted me and helped me. They contain what I call "Red Sea Experiences" where my back was to the sea and God delivered me! Much of what spoke to me through the years came from sermons, study Bibles notes, commentaries, and other books I have read along the way. I take no personal credit but to the people of God and to God who used these in this poor sinner's life I am eternally grateful. It is my intent to record for you what God was doing in me, through me and for me. These entries are like "Rocks of Remembrances" that I am sharing to remind us all that God is faithful and He honors us as we "walk by faith." After I record for you an entry which will be dated I will also give a current day insight or observation about how that worked out in my life. I hope these are a blessing and that God might use they to glorify Himself and strength your walk. I would greatly encourage to you journal your walk with the Lord!


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