Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Memories

Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies period!

Our daughter and son-in-love where married 18 years ago today. Five kids later they are enjoying the fruit of their love. We are proud of their commitment to each other and their Lord. They are doing such a great job raising their 5 children. We live only 7 miles away and get together on a regular basis not to mention worshiping in the same church. They have faced many physical obstacles in those eighteen years and have seen the Lord work in marvelous ways. They are a sterling example of perseverance and God's faithfulness during tough times. Great job kids!!

We are also having the blessing of hosting a very special family for a few days, the Sellers and their 5 beautiful children. Chad and Sandy happened to be our children's matron of honor and best man. What a blessing that we could all be together today to celebrate Donn and Sherry's wedding anniversary. The kids had a great time renewing their friendships and the "older" folks had a great time as well. Chad and Sandy will be on the mission field soon so this was a great opportunity to see each other one more time before they go. Here's some pictures to share with you all.

Happy 18Th Anniversary Donn and Sherry!

The Sellers and the Schnarrs.

Fun inside.

Fun in the sun.

Eating and having a good time.

Enjoying some good eating at the young people's table.

Our good friends will soon be answering God's call.

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