Saturday, April 4, 2009

Celebrating "60" part two

Earlier today I posted a picture of my "party animal" husband and his balloon hat. He is a good sport and not intimidated by allowing people to laugh at him. And it's a good thing because he received a few funny old man gifts. People were not too hard on him and had mercy on this birthday boy who officially turns 60 tomorrow.
Our Sunday School class and family members along with our Church staff helped us celebrate this milestone birthday. We had a good time eating pork barbecue sandwiches along with some other fixin's. I put together some time line pictures of his life and boy do we have alot of pictures I had to narrow down to an interesting few.
Our 16 year old granddaughter made some beautiful,tasty cakes to every one's delight.
We had a husband/wife Christian clown team entertain us and they also included God's precious plan of salvation to those of us in attendance.
We believe children are a gift from God and wanted them to enjoy the evening as well as the adults. They had fun picking up the candy from the pinata and guessing how many pieces of candy in a jar.
Many helpful hands made the night a success. Thank you to our family, our Sunday School class and church staff for making the night a blessing and a wonderful memory.
We love each of you and thank the Lord for you.


  1. Looks like a fun party!!

  2. love the hat and tie picture ;-)! Happy Birthday!