Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoppers... Start Your Engines!

Today I had the pleasure of shopping with a friend I had never shopped with before. My shopping reputation is such that it might scare the novice shopper away. I really, really like to shop but I like to shop my way. I like to take a long time looking things over. Clothes are my main thing to look at and it doesn't matter if I'm looking at my size clothes rack, if it catches my eye and I like it enough then I'll look for it in my size unless at that point I find something else to look at. And the scenario goes on and on. I also like to look at home decorating items. I am a tactile person so touching alot of these items is important too. I am not a "shoe" person like my husband (he said I could mention that) when we go to outlets he really likes to check the shoes out. Speaking about my husband... he has been very compassionate and lets me do alot of shopping. He will usually sit on a bench and read or check stuff on his phone. He even knows which malls have the best seats. He recommends the padded seats in the Four Seasons Mall in Salem, NC:) I know I can drive a "hunting" type shopper crazy. Well, I found out my friend is alot like me, looking for deals, using coupons, zigzagging from one area to another. It was great! I found another shopping buddy and you can see by the picture we were still smiling after we finished. She wins the shopping title today but that's ok, as long as there are malls there will be another reason to rev up my shopping engine another day.


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