Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm thankful there wasn't any "Snow Police" watching our home this morning. You see, I was born in upper New York State a few years ago. OK, a few 59 years ago to be exact. Even though I didn't live every one of those years in NY I probably lived about 26 of them there. That's about 26 Northern winters. I'm talking dark dreary gray days with snow, snow and more snow. So this old Yankee gal proudly considered herself a converted Southern gal when we located to Virginia. A no snowy winter was just fine with me, thank you. Or so I thought... until this morning looking out at the beautiful white fluffy landscape. It was gorgeous. Only God could use white to make everything look so beautiful!

So yes I was guilty of going around the house taking a few pictures. OK, a few 38 pictures or so of SNOW! But it was Southern snow, I tell you!

I'm thankful the LORD says in Isaiah 2:18b ...though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; I'm glad He changed my scarlet sins white as snow through His finished work on the cross and because of that I am declared "Not Guilty"!


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  1. These are beautiful pictures! You are quite the photographer!