Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Peruvian Restaurant Experience

In one of my earlier posts I told about the homeschooling group that had a geography party on Peru. So thought you would like to see today's post and the real stuff!
Today the homeschooling group along with some family members visited a Peruvian restaurant and ate many of their tasty dishes which were explained to us. I tried writing dish names down but it was a losing battle. I liked the food and I think we all had a very nice dining experience. If I had to do it over again I would not have tasted the green "get the fire extinguisher" mushy stuff. Can a certain food burn a hole in one's stomach? Just wondering...

Many thanks to the Mom who organized the Peru theme. You did great, Mary!!

The Restaurant!

Congregating outside.

We had a good size group.

Come on in!

One of our own young men as the doorman.

One of our servers.

One view of the adult table.

Another view of the adult table.

Tasty roasted corn kernels in the bowl. Killer green stuff in the smaller bowl!

Food explanations... my ears did pick up on a familiar food... rotisserie chicken.

Help yourself!!

My dish of tasty foods...I gave up keeping track of what was what :)

What do you think kids?

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