Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peru Geography Party

The homeschooling group our grandchildren are part of has a very unique way of learning about different countries. Periodically the families come together for a time of trying some of the foods of that country and give reports on what they have learned about that country. Many of the families do skits on the countries which prove to be entertaining and informative. This approach helps the children to grow in their ability to be in front of an audience. A good time is had by all. Even the adults come away learning something :)

The food tasting time starts the Geography party,actually the samples were delicious.

Not quite sure about taste testing Peru cuisine...American made of course :)

Fun learning in the Peru "Rain" Forest! A magnificent artistic background creation.

This little one is encouraged to get involved, too!

Welcome to Iron Chef America or is it Iron Chef Peru???

THE CHALLENGE: Peru Purple Potatoes! They really are purple and taste like potatoes.

The cooking competition begins and things heat up in the "kitchen" while the MC talks to the audience.

There were two judges,one serious judge not so serious :)

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