Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am soooo Excited about tomorrow!

Redeeming The Time Helps

1. Divert Daily: Time alone with God

2. Withdraw Weekly: Time away from the normal stresses of life (day off)

3. Abandon At Least Annually: Extended time away from the normal stresses of life (vacation)

4. Communicate Continually: In a meaningful way about your plans for the day/week.

5. Visualization is Realization: Keep you commitments, plans, goals, in front of you and those they involve.

6. Resolve Conflicts – “In the day you hear of it” – Immediately. (Don’t hide, cover, delay- problems NEVER go away they only get bigger!

7. Evaluate – Adjust – Communicate / Evaluate – Adjust – Communicate

8. Inspect what you Expect: (accountability to your goals)

All of this plus a lesson from James 4:13-17 on Sunday morning in the Abundant Life Class

PB & J

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  1. You guys do a great job with attention getting pictures. :) Good reminders on redeeming the time- wish I could've been there to hear. I actually went to Family Life and heard Part II of the Ferrell's 'story'. It was good too! Wish it was possible to be in 3 SS classes at once. :)