Thursday, February 5, 2009

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: Pr.17:22

We have always loved to laugh together as a family. The Lord has given us a lot of material to do so. Whenever we gather together as one big family Scott or Sherry will bring up some funny thing that happened years ago and then each of us spring board on that to other humorous memories. Soon we'll all be roaring. As the years pass these memories mellow and get richer and funnier. There is just something about laughter that makes you feel better and takes the stress away for awhile. It's just plain healthy to laugh. It's never right to laugh to hurt any one's feelings. It is the crazy everyday happenings in a family that can be harmless to laugh at. Things that together you can laugh about.

My husband has always been able to make me and our kids laugh. Like the time he wore a bunny mask while driving. Embarrassing? Yes, but funny and harmless. Well, there was one time that could have been harmful when I really tried to be helpful by putting Velcro strips on the bottom of his slippers because they were excessively slippery slippers ( try saying that three times fast:) He found himself being attached to throw rugs. Well, it was kind of funny!

On a grocery shopping trip when Scott and Sherry were young my very full shopping cart tipped over as Scott decided to hitch a ride on the back. It was a terrible mess and was not funny at the time but today we can look back and have a good laugh.

Adrian Rodgers once said we can give our children three things: life, love, and laughter. Laughter costs nothing, happens in a flash and lasts a life time. A good laugh is sunshine in the home. Be fair, be firm, be fun!

How about you dad and mom, are you fun? Do you create moments when as a family you laugh? How about life's more trying moments, (like the shopping cart) can you look back turn a tear of sorrow into a tear of laughter? Can you laugh at yourself? Do you need to lighten up a bit? Remember a merry heart doeth good like a medicine and goes a long way in bonding a family together. Make joyful lifetime memories with your children by having many good laughs!


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