Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As I look back on my life I can see that there have been many defining moments where some event happened or some decision was made that changed and marked my life forever. The night I knelt beside my bed and received Christ as my Savior was a moment that changed me forever. The night I first laid eyes on the woman who would become my faithful wife was a marker in the sands of time that forever changed me. I shall never forget and always be “marked” by the birth of my two children, Scott and Sherry and the innumerable joys they have brought this man and his wife through the years. The night I was ordained by Timberlake Baptist Church to the gospel ministry was one of those high water markers never to be forgotten. The birth of my first (Ashley) of seven grandchild over sixteen years ago thrusting me into the grand-parenting years was one of those moments and the list goes on and on.

One of the joys of life is celebrating those defining moments with people you love and when people you love let you be part of one of their defining moments. Today “Quality Archery Designs” owned by the Dan Summers’ family had one of those moments. They had a ground breaking for their new manufacturing facility. They invited me to share in that time and lead all in attendance in a prayer of dedication to the Lord of this new facility. I counted it a high and holy privilege. Company President Dan Summers, in his dedication speech he thanked his wife, children, employees, and the county officials in attendance. But he concluded giving thanks “To the God who created the land we stand upon and the air we breath, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” I appreciate the testimony of this business owner who lets “his light shine” to the glory of God for all to see. Thank you Dan!

Rumor has it that on August 8th this family will have another “Defining Moment.” That one will be even bigger and more important than the one we celebrated today!

PB & J


  1. Dear Pastor B, Thankyou SO much for coming out today to the groundbreaking! You did a great job & the love you have for the Lord is so evident in your life. Thank you for being a continual blessing to our family. We love you!
    Diana & family

  2. What's happening on August 8?