Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Birthday, Tyler :)

Valentine's day in our family is a very special time because our Grandson Tyler was born on this day 15 years ago. I can't think of a sweeter day for him to be born on. He was due in March but his Mom had blood pressure complications so the Lord saw fit that he would be born on February 14. What a wonderful surprise and blessing his birth was to each of us. He has a tender spirit and one of his greatest attributes is his friendliness. Another sweet blessing about him is his love for his siblings and ability to interact at their age level. He is the second born in a family of two sisters and three brothers. He especially is admired by his 10 year brother, Trent. They play together quite often. I'm glad Trent looks up to Tyler because he worthy to be imitated as a young man who truly loves his Lord. Tyler is one of those people who is well rounded in musical abilities playing the guitar and piano and has a love for sports . The NY Yankees is his favorite baseball team and the Redskins is his favorite football team. So happy 15th birthday, Tyler! We are thankful the Lord sent a very special Hand delivered Valentine to our family. We love you young man!


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures - I will have to check back so I can see more of them.

    Happy Birthday Tyler!

  2. Cute pictures!

    Happy Birthday Tyler and Amen to everything Nanna said- he is a blessing!