Monday, February 9, 2009

Brave Little Guy :)

Last week our youngest grandson, Trey, who is 8 years old had an MRI because he has had black spots in his vision for some time now. His parents have had him checked out by medical personal but no one has been able to explain why he has the spots. An MRI was ordered for peace of mind to rule out any possibilities they haven't discovered in prior exams. Our prayer is that the MRI will not show any existing optical damage. Trey has an interest in medical things so when he has to go to the doctor for anything he is pretty much at ease as was the case with the MRI. His mother has labeled him "a professional patient". After his procedure his mom took him and me to IHOP. He had fun with his smiley pancake. Hope it will make you smile as well. Actually, it kind of resembles someone in our family :)

If you would like to become a follower of Trey's blog and also read his own account of the MRI click on to :
Nanny Brodie

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