Sunday, January 25, 2009

Standing Alone

We are blessed to have a view of a man made lake from the rear of our townhouse and we normally have geese around the lake during the nice weather and usually one to three white swans who live here year round. Recently a large flock of migrating geese have been lingering for a week or so. As I looked out the window the other evening I noticed a sight that seemed very unusual. In the middle of the large flock of geese was one lone white swan. He (she?) seemed very content and right at home not realizing what an odd sight he created. I starting taking picture after picture hoping he would stand but the best I could get was he lifted his head once in awhile. My husband came home during that time and I had him look out the window and asked him how he would label that scene. He said, "Standing Alone" which I thought was very appropriate. Isn't that what God desires for us? We are to be a peculiar people, set apart, not conforming to this world. This is not always easy ( I certainly have failed many, many times) but the Lord promised He will always be there to help and give us a way of escape. I'm glad we serve a great and mighty God.

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  1. I'm so glad I just found your blog. I didn't realize it til now since I kind of fell off the tech world the last few weeks. I put your address in our reader so now I'll know when you do a new post. I was so encouraged by your posts from the last few weeks. You guys are such an encouragement to us. It's a blessing to serve with you!