Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady Friends and Lunch

A gracious and Godly lady from our church invited some ladies over to her lovely home for a lunch in honor of one of these ladies who had just finished a round of radiation treatments. As we gathered in her living room before we ate she read us a few humorous stories from a "Senior Moments" type book. We laughed over those stories probably thinking to ourselves about our own stories :) Then our hostess served homemade soup, Waldorf salad, potato salad, little open faced cucumber sandwiches and cream cheese on crackers. For dessert she had made a beautiful truffle delight. As we sat at her table after eating she passed around small pieces of paper with about 14 United States names jumbled to look like people's names and had us guess which ones they were. I believe she said a couple from our church had made these names up. It was quite clever. I'll list them at the bottom so you can try it. It was a cute, non threatening game which we all enjoyed. Later we returned to the living room and chatted some more while her husband cleared the dining room table. It was such an enjoyable time spent with lady friends who I love and admire in the Lord.

Here are the list of states:

  • Roy Kewn = New York ( that's a freebie!)
  • Nora I. Charlton
  • Colin A. Fair
  • Dora K. Hatton
  • Earl Wade
  • Hilda D. Rosen
  • J. R. Sweeney
  • Ida Nain
  • Nana Tom
  • Ras Baken
  • Watson H. Gin
  • Shawn Ginto
  • Dan Marly
  • Toena Nims
  • Cain Migh

Have fun!


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