Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daughter and Friend

Our married daughter Sherry and her family live 7 miles from us which makes it easy to go for a quick visit when I am out and about. I did just that today after I gave her a call on my cell phone. She graciously said yes so I went over and had a little visit. She made some tea for us and my grandchildren. She also had a plate of graham crackers. She is very good at instant hospitality. We all sat in the living room and chatted for awhile enjoying each others company. We have really good times together. Many times when we get together we find ourselves wearing the same colors which usually brings a chuckle to both of us:) We have been told we look alot alike (guess you have to picture Sherry with gray hair), and sound alike. She brings alot of joy to my life. For all you moms out there that wonder if your kids will ever grow up....yes they will and all those nights getting up with them when they were babies will be worth it. Stay close in heart to them and one day you will reap great rewards. I not only gave birth to a daughter 36 years ago but also to one of my best friends.


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  1. What a nice article on our relationship! God has truly blessed us and given me a vision to strive for with my own children. I love you Mom! Sherry