Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daughter and Friend

Our married daughter Sherry and her family live 7 miles from us which makes it easy to go for a quick visit when I am out and about. I did just that today after I gave her a call on my cell phone. She graciously said yes so I went over and had a little visit. She made some tea for us and my grandchildren. She also had a plate of graham crackers. She is very good at instant hospitality. We all sat in the living room and chatted for awhile enjoying each others company. We have really good times together. Many times when we get together we find ourselves wearing the same colors which usually brings a chuckle to both of us:) We have been told we look alot alike (guess you have to picture Sherry with gray hair), and sound alike. She brings alot of joy to my life. For all you moms out there that wonder if your kids will ever grow up....yes they will and all those nights getting up with them when they were babies will be worth it. Stay close in heart to them and one day you will reap great rewards. I not only gave birth to a daughter 36 years ago but also to one of my best friends.


Procrastination throws away Time’s Opportunity

Others wiser than me have looked into the pages of Scripture making applications about time that have been good reminders for me not to procrastinate but see “time” as a resource given by God to use wisely and invest for eternity.

Time . . . an earthly trust which, if invested wisely, will produce eternal treasures.

Time . . . a limited resource extended only by giving the first part back to God.

Time . . . a daily treasure which attracts many robbers.

Time . . . a current opportunity to be right before the Lord.

Time . . . an open window, to share the gospel, that will one-day close.

Time . . . a test of maturity revealed by what I do with my free time.

Time . . . a test of character revealed by what I do in secret.

What time is it for you? The Bible speaking in generalities says “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, . . .”

I am almost 60 years old. That means that maybe I have about 10-20 years of time left. In all probability 80 % of my time has been spent! I can not go back and reclaim or regain time but I can invest the future days God gives me. When I decide about my priorities and use of my time I have found that the above statements are valuable in helping me live with out regrets. I hope they will help you too.

Is it time for you to _______ ?

PB & J

Friday, January 30, 2009

PROCRASTINATION (Don’t read this blog now. You can do it later)

The dreaded affliction hits everyone at one time or another. Whether it’s the pile of papers on the corner of the desk that has been looming larger for months, the closet that is so crowded you no longer dare open it, or the completing of your income taxes before the April 15th deadline, the effect is usually the same. That feeling of heaviness whenever you think about it coupled with that gnawing in the pit of your stomach grows worse with each passing day because you know the task must be done sooner or later. Here are some of my favorite quotes on procrastination:

· “A procrastinator puts off until tomorrow the things he already put off until today.”
· “By ignoring a task every day, I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me.”
· “The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.”
· “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
· “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.”

These quotes make me laugh at myself because I can so easily see me in them, how about you? However, at times procrastination is no laughing matter. Here are two more serious quotes on this topic by American leaders of old.

· “You cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by evading it today.” Abraham Lincoln
· “You may delay, but time won’t.” Benjamin Franklin

Procrastination can be a serious problem in a person’s life. There are many reasons why people procrastinate. Here are a few of the usual reasons.

1. They don’t like the task.
2. The task is absolutely overwhelming.
3. They don’t know how to handle the task.
4. They don’t know where to start at the task.
5. There is no immediate payoff, so there is no motivation.
6. They are perfectionists. (Pride)
7. They are fearful
8. They are laziness

In this blog I am not going to ever get around to telling you how to solve the above stated obstacles keeping you from that task. I intended to but it was just too overwhelming for me to write out and I couldn’t decide how to start. Besides, it’s not a topic I like writing about and most people don’t read my blog anyhow! J

I do want to encourage you not to procrastinate on the following. Don’t let Satan steal these opportunities and find yourself living in regret. Tell your spouse and your children that you love them. Stop and take the time to hug and give them a little special attention today. Call or go see your parents today. Thank them for their investment in your life and tell them how much you love them. Take a minute and call a friend today (you’ll probably get their voice mail) and tell them how much their friendship means to you. Sometime this week praise someone who has invested in your child’s life.

What am I trying to say? We don’t know if we will have tomorrow to show our love and gratitude to those we love. We must be careful in our “busyness” not to procrastinate doing the most important things. Maintaining our relationships cannot be allowed to take a back seat to “activity.” Don’t wait for someday to express your love and appreciation to those God has placed around you. Make it a regular part of your every day life. Most of all, let us not procrastinate in communicating daily our love and gratefulness to our great God and Savior.

There, that was easy, now that you have that done stop procrastinating and go do those taxes!

PB & J

PS: If you are interested in learning more about the busyness of life and how that can hide our procrastination then join us at TBC in the Abundant Life Class this Sunday morning.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lady Friends and Lunch

A gracious and Godly lady from our church invited some ladies over to her lovely home for a lunch in honor of one of these ladies who had just finished a round of radiation treatments. As we gathered in her living room before we ate she read us a few humorous stories from a "Senior Moments" type book. We laughed over those stories probably thinking to ourselves about our own stories :) Then our hostess served homemade soup, Waldorf salad, potato salad, little open faced cucumber sandwiches and cream cheese on crackers. For dessert she had made a beautiful truffle delight. As we sat at her table after eating she passed around small pieces of paper with about 14 United States names jumbled to look like people's names and had us guess which ones they were. I believe she said a couple from our church had made these names up. It was quite clever. I'll list them at the bottom so you can try it. It was a cute, non threatening game which we all enjoyed. Later we returned to the living room and chatted some more while her husband cleared the dining room table. It was such an enjoyable time spent with lady friends who I love and admire in the Lord.

Here are the list of states:

  • Roy Kewn = New York ( that's a freebie!)
  • Nora I. Charlton
  • Colin A. Fair
  • Dora K. Hatton
  • Earl Wade
  • Hilda D. Rosen
  • J. R. Sweeney
  • Ida Nain
  • Nana Tom
  • Ras Baken
  • Watson H. Gin
  • Shawn Ginto
  • Dan Marly
  • Toena Nims
  • Cain Migh

Have fun!


The Value of a good friend

Who can put a price tag on the value of a good friend? We all have many acquaintances and family members but that doesn’t mean they are good friends. True friendship is enduring and growing, it’s alive and very rare in our world today. This shouldn’t be the case for believers. We each have the potential of being a good friend and having many good friends in the body of Christ. The Bible is full of examples of enduring friendships that honored God and were a blessing to those committed in that friendship. We too need to develop solid friendships like those illustrated in scripture: Abraham had a special friendship with God (Ex. 33:11). King Solomon and his bride were in a loving relationship that grew out of friendship (Song 5:16). David and Jonathan (1Sam. 18:1-4; 23:16-18) had a brotherly love that flowed out of a deep friendship with each other. As men we need to develop some strong and deep relationships with other men. This is something that is hard for some of us to do. Our ladies have the examples of Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1:16-17), and Mary and Martha (Lk. 10 & Jn. 11) among many others that can serve as a guide for them in developing friendships with other woman. As couples in our relationships with other couples or singles we can use the example of the friendship Paul developed with Priscilla and Aquile (Rom. 16:3-4).
We are shaped by our friendships (Pr. 27:17). Friendships are used by the Lord to help carry us through most of the adversity we face in this life (Pr. 17:17). Our friendships have the potential to become closer than the relationships we have with some of our own family members, especially family members who don’t know Christ (Pr. 18:24). Good friends help grow us up in the Lord by correcting us in love when that’s needed, which is often the case for most of us (Pr. 27:6). Friends give us the opportunity to intercede (Job 42:10) and in so doing we draw closer to God which will have a blessed effect on us as well as the friend we are remembering in prayer.
I can honestly say I am married to my very best friend. The Lord has given me more good friends than any one person deserves. These friendships mean the world to me, as I’m sure your friendships mean to you. Today Judy and I are thanking the Lord for "Friends" like YOU and that means we are thanking Him for YOU!
We love you!
PB & J

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Background!

Thanks to Ashley, our oldest granddaughter, who very patiently posted our new background. After some time spent with her and me on our computers and cell phones ( her at her house and me at mine, something that still boggles my mind) she took over the reigns and posted our "New Look." Hope you like it!
Nanny Judy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Standing Alone

We are blessed to have a view of a man made lake from the rear of our townhouse and we normally have geese around the lake during the nice weather and usually one to three white swans who live here year round. Recently a large flock of migrating geese have been lingering for a week or so. As I looked out the window the other evening I noticed a sight that seemed very unusual. In the middle of the large flock of geese was one lone white swan. He (she?) seemed very content and right at home not realizing what an odd sight he created. I starting taking picture after picture hoping he would stand but the best I could get was he lifted his head once in awhile. My husband came home during that time and I had him look out the window and asked him how he would label that scene. He said, "Standing Alone" which I thought was very appropriate. Isn't that what God desires for us? We are to be a peculiar people, set apart, not conforming to this world. This is not always easy ( I certainly have failed many, many times) but the Lord promised He will always be there to help and give us a way of escape. I'm glad we serve a great and mighty God.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disappointments His Appointments

When I look back over my life I find an odd but reoccurring theme. I see that through out my journey I have had my hopes and dreams dashed against the rocks of life's circumstances many times. And yet in the rear view mirror looking back upon my life I realize it was all the mercy and grace of God that those hurts happened. Those disappointment were His appointments to something He had for me far better than the disapointment that I knew nothing about. The trauma of grieving emotions has included through the years but is not limited to; not making the varsity basket ball team in high school, an early relationship that didn't materialize like I though it would, A job promotion that I had earned but passed me by, and in more recent years a difficult ministry situation that just didn't workout like I had dreamed that it would. And the results of all these hurts? God protected me and blessed me by giving me what I needed rather than what I wanted. Instead of playing basket ball I really learned to "work" and and how to make myself a value in the "market place" which was a foundation for the rest of my adult life. The Lord sent me Judy, a beautiful (inwardly and outwardly) wife who has been my best friend now for over 40 years. The lost job motivated me to a "career change" that would lead me to a wonderful church family, personally being discipled and be the foundation for my "call" and eventual full time ministry. And here I am nearing the big 60 thanking the Lord everyday for what He has given to our church in our Pastor and his family plus the amazing role He has given me in building His church for this "senior season" in my life. I see so clearly it is right and best for me, my family and His church. Like Elijah in 1 Kings 19:4 - I am very glad God said no to many of my prayers!

I am overwhelmed with His goodness in loving me enough to let me experience disappointment and see how each was simply an open door to His appointments, when I received the grace in the hurt, and turning in trust to Him rather than burned in bitterness against Him. (Heb.12:15)

Have you experienced any disappointments? I know you have! We all do. Have you seen them from God's vantage point? I can testify that His Promises are true when he said; "No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly;" (Ps. 84:11b) and; "All things work together for good to those who love God, and to those who are the called according to His purpose." (Rom.8:28)

I am not spiritual enough to "look forward" to my next disappointment but I am committed to trust Him in it and look for His appointment! I hope you will too!

Pastor B

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Time to ever post

Here goes...I am very new at this so please bear with me. My husband showed me how to post last night so I am trying to remember everything he taught me. He is a great and Godly man who I am deeply in love (and in like) with! Next to the Lord he is my very best friend. We are totally opposite in just about everything except our love for the Lord, our children, our family and our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of our opposite areas is.... he likes to fix and help people and I like to fix "things". The other night we were going to put up rope lights in our living room. We have a sunken living room and it tends to catch people by surprise. You can easily take a fall into our living room. Sooooooo, he lovingly and sacrificially layed on the floor and screwed in very small screws into very small clips about every 2 feet. I was very impressed with him and the wonderful job that he did. I even snapped a picture for evidence :) Hopefully I will be able to post the picture. He did complain of his shoulders bothering him after it was all done but I don't think he had any injuries as in times past! Maybe I'll share some of those stories in the future:) Judy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israel 2007

We were blessed to be sent to Israel by our church in honor of our 20 years of pastoral ministry at Timberlake Baptist. This picture was taken in the Garden of Gethsemane. We then had the blessing of helping to take a group from our church the next year (2008). In the days ahead we will post some of the pictures from both trips.

Technical Dinasoures trying to join 2009 blog culture

We titled our blog after our "life verse" Matthew 6:33 - But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you.

We have often failed but since we were saved back in the 70's we have used this verse as a guiding principle to help us determine our priorities. I (Larry) am a control freak of sorts with a set schedule and a task list of accomplishments always set before me. Daily I find it necessary to go before the Lord and lay aside my plans and my priorities and ask Him to show me His priority for each day. He often has different plans than I do! :) And I can testify that His plan is always best. Will you along with me today seek His plan and His priorities setting aside your own where they conflict with His? No one ever regretted allowing Christ to be both the center and circumference of their lives. Take care to seek Him first and let Him take care of all the "OTHER THINGS" and He will! It's a promise He keeps because He is The Faithful One!

PB & J